Any Given Sunday

By far,this weekend has been the highlight of the holiday season. Confessions of a working mother who is purpose-driven and destined for greatness: There is no formal Christmas tree in the house this year.  Okay_ Now that the elephant in the room has been addressed, let's move to more pressing matters. Tis' the season to … Continue reading Any Given Sunday


The Waiting Room

Annual appointments! Gotta love em;) Consistency seems to be such a double edged sword... No changes in address, employment, insurance? Okay, you can head on back! Score. But you don't head in to see the doctor, you're granted access to The Waiting Room. When you're waiting for an awesome practitioner, you understand that this could … Continue reading The Waiting Room

The Cause

Suffering - by definition - is the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship. My people,[Native, African, Asian, European American and/or otherwise, "We are all suffering." Look at the "news" - sources, perspectives, research, interviews - what is happening? We've become so conditioned to look for the effect, to see the desired outcome, to ultimately gain … Continue reading The Cause

*They ARE Back*?!?! Backstreet Boys Announce 2017 Las Vegas Residency — Global Grind

Confessions: This is mommy/blogger trying not to let another day pass without posting something. Needless to say, it's a beautifully sunny day. One to celebrate birthdays, business, growth, communication, homecomings and goings. To all who choose to read the story that follows by Global Grind on a super sweet Vegas happening: Please remember that NO … Continue reading *They ARE Back*?!?! Backstreet Boys Announce 2017 Las Vegas Residency — Global Grind


Time, measurements, comparisons, operations, equations, donations... As Mos Def so eloquently states, "It's mathematics." Decision-making is such a basic instinct of nature. Unfortunately, there's no answer key for standardized performance and/or evaluation. Points to Ponder: How much time do you have to make your decision? What do you consider success in relation to the end … Continue reading T-Charts

What is Happening?

Whew. Deep Breath. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. [Repeat] It was Saturday morning. A load of laundry in the machine [check]. Bagel toasted and ready for cream cheese [check]. But my soul is yearning to know, "What is happening?" I have intentionally avoided any television broadcasts of national news regarding recent violence and death of minority males … Continue reading What is Happening?