…A wing and a prayer…

This week would definitely fit into the “manageable” column. Extreme [emotional] highs, no valley-level lows and several reminders that God does answer prayer.

Film Spotlight: Mom’s Night Out [Laughter is good for the soul]

Food Spotlight: Chicken Fiesta [Thank you for making dinner possible in the Mason household on Thursday]

SN: So maybe I should say a Chicken Wing and a Prayer?!?! (ba-dun-pssh <- drums) That was a joke!

Blogger Spotlight: CREATE IF WRITING @kikimojo

The Prayer: Lord, thank you for health, hope, and healing. May your will be done in each of our lives. We pray that the gifts and talents that you’ve placed inside of each individual be manifested in a way that our families, neighborhoods, cities, states, and nation(s) recognize to be TRULY divine. It is in Jesus’ name that we pray, Amen.


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