And We’re Back!

It’s crazy to think that a whole week has passed since I last posted. However, I am also reminded that I have to #SpeakLife…

Zechariah 4:10New Living Translation (NLT)

10 Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin… [Retrieved from]

My encouragement over the past six days:

  • Knowing this blog exists
  • Crackers, Cheese, & Wine (with Aunt Tina)
  • Lunch with the Matthew and poetry by Hannah
  • Business planning with Natural Mama and Michaela Hardy
  • Heartfelt notes and gifts of appreciation from my work/school family
  • Getting a daily dose of devotion to start the day @

FullSizeRenderWhen I look back on this time in my life, I hope to see a pattern of intentional decision-making; choices that move my family and friends’ dreams forward.

My goal is not merely to exist, but to reach the generations of old and new; connecting the past to the future. As a public servant, there is never a shortage in opportunity to be about the Father’s business.

Over the past few days, the message seems to hinge on the importance of timing. Seeking the Will of God is a major component in determining the “if” and “when” of both our personal and professional lives.

The process will look different for each of us, but there are some characteristics that remain the same: Vision, Persistence, and Authenticity. We must have a vision for ourselves past this moment – past the circumstances in which we exist (no matter how good or bad they may seem). Be persistent in seeking out that which you hope to attain, both naturally and spiritually. Lastly, be true to YOU. In today’s culture, there is so much emphasis on the visual/commercial side of things, that the inner qualities are often neglected. This leaves a hopelessly hollow tomorrow for the future.


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