Today was a good day…

Another Motivational Monday!

Productivity is relative to the ultimate goal. Today I feel one step closer to enjoying every day life for the rest of my life. Cruising. Today’s tasks: Informational Meeting, Lunch, Professional Consultation, Visit Model Home, Talked to my Sister! Hobby Lobby – inspirational visit – no spending allowed (yet:), Dinner, Writing, “Honey how was your day;*” Homework (with the girls), Brush teeth, Wardrobe Change (PJs) > Hand-off to dad for story time 🙂 Music and Session Planning. Now it’s off to bed! But before I go, I have to show you some of the things I intend to return to Hobby Lobby to retrieve (hehehe)…

Oh! I forgot, the next item on my bucket list is to learn to sew_Yep, there’s a friend for that 😉 Play to your strengths. Know that you are worth every gift and dream that He has placed inside of you. If you’re a visual learner like me, check out Proverbs 31:10-31 (Description of a worthy woman)…v.13 She looks for wool and flax and works with willing hands in delight. Today – I did the looking 😉 

Lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way…sometimes we think we want it all at once, but please trust the timing of the Lord. It is absolutely perfect, tailor made for the woman, wife, friend, mother, sister, cousin, auntie, employee, mentor that He’s called you to be.


2 thoughts on “Today was a good day…

  1. L.I.F.E., baby!! Catching up with my favorite blogger!! You are a wonderful writer. Tawana Renee Mason… Keep Calm and Inspire On. The world is watching and waiting, including me. Love you!


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