Once Upon a Mother’s Day

The feelings of stress, excitement, hurt, confusion, hope, love, longing_ a mother’s every day cycle of emotions (mine at least;).

Although every experience isn’t warm and fuzzy, we have to take special care in remembering that God has entrusted (particularly mothers) with a very special assignment. We are the givers of life – from carrying the children in our wombs, to nurturing their physical and emotional well being.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the mechanical features of living that we forget to teach our children how to care for and about one another. Friendship is a beautiful and delicate balance of selflessness and confidence, trust and intuition, camaraderie and forgiveness.

Once upon a Mother’s Day and every day thereafter…

Nurture yourself. Listen to your favorite songs, watch a movie, sit on the porch, read a book, go for a walk or a drive. Be sure to smile, laugh, cry, write, sing, color. It is important to find your source of energy renewal. If you find it difficult to relax, I encourage you to start by looking into the mirror and forgive the person you see.

As parents, we teach by doing. Show them what a real, healthy love looks like by how you treat you!

Psalm 139:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.




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