Time, measurements, comparisons, operations, equations, donations…

As Mos Def so eloquently states, “It’s mathematics.”

Decision-making is such a basic instinct of nature. Unfortunately, there’s no answer key for standardized performance and/or evaluation.

Points to Ponder:

  1. How much time do you have to make your decision?
  2. What do you consider success in relation to the end result? (I/They/We will be better as evidenced by __________.)
  3. Are there historical patterns or trends in which you can compare the situation? Whether personal or not, how did that turn out for you, them, us?
  4. Do you have the means to maintain the desired result? If no, return to step #1 and replace decision with CHANGE.

Please NOTE. Literally. As you’re going through the questions above, have a writing utensil and notepad.


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