The Cause

Suffering – by definition – is the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship. My people,[Native, African, Asian, European American and/or otherwise, “We are all suffering.”

Look at the “news” – sources, perspectives, research, interviews – what is happening? We’ve become so conditioned to look for the effect, to see the desired outcome, to ultimately gain that somehow we’ve placed to little emphasis on the production of The Cause.

Every investment that we make should reflect the desires of our hearts. How could you deduce motive to a dollar amount, you may ask? I would NEVER! We’re talking time, energy, family/generational sacrifice – those hidden and decorated. It’s called history.



One thought on “The Cause

  1. Personally, I very rarely suffer because I choose not to be a victim.
    Victimhood appears to be the sign of the times and contrary to what “modern” society seems to dictate, we all SHOULD have the same basic rights but WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS.
    I believe that the individual is the master of their own universe and if we decide to go along with the baloney going off in the world then we will attract just as much into our world.
    Although often difficult to comprehend, WE DO create our own world.
    Of course, my words are only a matter of opinion and I also sometimes have difficulties in life – but difficulties are what help build character and are a part of life.
    Many thanks for your article. I enjoyed reading it.
    Kind regards out of the Black Forest. 🙂


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