Any Given Sunday

By far,this weekend has been the highlight of the holiday season. Confessions of a working mother who is purpose-driven and destined for greatness: There is no formal Christmas tree in the house this year. 

Okay_ Now that the elephant in the room has been addressed, let’s move to more pressing matters. Tis’ the season to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ! The man born to die for ALL of our sins. 

This year, I can genuinely say that my family is celebrating the spirit of Christmas. My daughters are being trained to be present – enjoying the conversations, hugs, and smiles – rather than tearing open the beautiful wrapping paper to see “what they got”.

The calendar year of 2016 has been one of the most challenging, yet the most productive in light of my emerging reality: I AM THE ONE.

My husband will not have another wife, my children will not have another mother. True enough, some friends come and go (whether by choice or by force). However, I will never tire from reminding us that “All things work together for good…” (Romans 8:28).

On this particular Sunday, I am so thankful for the small things. The helpful, smiling faces who rang up my purchases at Payless, Children’s Place, and Five Below. Not only were they courteous but they reminded me of WHY it is that we are all here. The song tells us to give love on Christmas day, but why not every day?

To all of my family and friends who are family: THANK YOU. Your words of encouragement, phone calls, sweet notes, coffees and teas, curls and wine, hugs and kisses – irreplaceable. For the time that we spend holding up the arms of our brothers and sisters is a deposit into our cup toward eternity.

The truth can indeed hurt but so does training and labor.

This is love…On any given Sunday.



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