[REAL] People, Places, Goods, & Services

The following list is fluid; a growing representation of local talent and ingenuity at its best_especially if it’s the beginning!

“He becomes poor who works with a slack and idle hand, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.”
Proverbs 10:4 (AMP)

Nurturing our communities – mind, body, and soul.



THE Natural Mama




#body #butters #scrubs #skinandhaircare



UnlockingRVA is more than just a platform to highlight the top places to eat, visit and explore in the City.

We also create events that market to our core demographic.

Each month we will be hosting a number of events for you to find new ways to mingle around the City.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events!


#keystothecity #bookable #social #onestopshop


Legendary Sneaker Boutique  15802040_1829438133996994_6740921308164390912_n


Authentic Exclusive Deadstock Sneakers: Email- legendarysneakers105@gmail.com; Free Nationwide Shipping #BeLegendary

@LEGENDARY_SNEAKERS [Follow the store on IG]



Lion & Lamb Clothing LLC

A Christian clothing brand established to help people express their style in a positive way! Revelation 5:5-6

Instagram: lion.and.lamb.clothing

Owners: R. Johnson & K. Lamb Edison

#RVA #fashion #message #style #standard



“We are your premier Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company. “


Owner: Melvin Edison; Vice-President: Kristyn Edison

 melvin  kristyn


Prosperity for Kids

Prosperity for Kids’ mission is to provide academic, athletic and social long-term development for the enhanced well being of our youth ages 8-18. To provide exceptional technical instruction and direction. To encourage a healthy lifestyle through nutritional awareness, physical fitness and character building. To battle obesity and bullying and prepare today’s youth for the opportunities and challenges in life.

Click the icon below to visit the site.

Contact Information:


Telephone: 804-937-7696

Wendall Tomlin II


Traci Lynn Jewelry

Thank you to Jennifer Smith for inviting me to my very first Traci Lynn Party Experience! We had a great time shopping and sharing laughs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Traci Lynn Jewelry was established in 1989. The company is known for products of high quality and style.

The new catalog features more color, wear-to-work pieces, and now they have bags!

If you’re in the mood to shop, dream, or both! Check out Jennifer’s website; orders placed can be shipped directly to your home.


Brewer’s Cafe


It was love at curb-sight! Thanks to my fellow RCLI Alumna, Caitlin, for introducing me to this wonderful “coffee bar” located in the Manchester community of Richmond, VA.




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